Hammel Karate Club

Hammel Karate Club was founded in 1985, and since the beginning we have practiced and taught in the style Wado Ryu, one of the largest and most significant styles in the world. The style itself was founded in the first half of the 20th century by Hironori Ohtsuka, who developed the style from Shindo Yoshinryu Jujutsu and Tode-kata.

In the club’s daily workout, the club attaches great importance to training the right base as it is the foundation for understanding the true karate. Wado Ryu attaches great importance to fast, accurate and powerful techniques that give the practitioner a good technique as well as a good body understanding and a good tool in a possible self-defense situation.

Each individual’s own ambitions are always in focus, whatever karate for the sake of the exercise, because of the special band created between the training partners or if you dream of attending competitions. Hammel Karate Club therefore organizes various trips to technical seminars and other social events several times a year to enhance the quality of training and the social community in our Karate club.

The training in the Club is carried out by competent black belts, who have several years of experience in the Wado Ryu style.

Karate Club has a high technical standard and has produced several black belts. In order to maintain the high technical standard, Club Trainer and Members participate annually in various karate training seminars at home and abroad, so we always ensure that the training at Hammel Karate Club is top and up to date with the latest style principles.

Karate can be trained by everyone, and in Hammel Karate Club we have had great success with parents wishing to practice a sport with their children. We record members from the age of 8 and upwards and we have a separate team for beginners so they can learn the karate’s important basic principles and get ready to participate in the hard training of the advanced team.