Danish Wadokai

Wado was introduced in Denmark in January 1977, and the first club was founded in Århus on September 8, 1979.
Today, 4 clubs are organized under the Danish Wadokai Karatedo in Denmark.


According to Donn F. Draeger, the founder of Wado-kai, Hironori Otsuka (born June 1, 1892 in the Shimodate village – died January 29, 1982 in Tokyo) began training Jujutsu with his uncle Chojiro Ebashi-sensei in 1898. As 13-year-old (1905), Otsuka began training Shindo-Yoshin-Ryu Jujutsu in Genbukan Dojo in the Shimotsuma village at Tatsusaburo Nakayama-sensei.

In 1910-1912, Otsuka studied at Waseda University.


The board of the Danish Wado-Kai is composed of 4 members, one member from each club in the Danish Wadokai. 


The Danish Wadokai hold several JKF Wadokai gradinglicences which is why we each year arrange Dan-gradings from 1st to 3rd Dan.

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International Affiliations

The Danish Wado-Kai is affiliated to and recognized by the JKF-Wadokai.